Thursday, July 19, 2012

More pictures from vacation

No new pictures from home - they would just be of us unpacking and complaining about the heat anyway. Here are some from Lucas, Kansas at the beginning of vacation instead!

On the way into town

inside the women's restroom

restroom mosaic detail

restroom mosaic detail

restroom mosaic detail

On the outside of the public restroom

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden detail

Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden detail

Garden of Eden

Lucas Plaza
American Fork Art - get it?

Men's restroom mosaic

Men's restroom mosaic
The rest of the blog post about Lucas is here.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Home home home

Hey, we are home.  Why is it so hot here?  Maybe we should head back to Crescent City.

Sorry no pictures today!  They would have all been of I-80 anyway.

Perhaps I'll post some more pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 23 but who's counting?

Sunrise over North Platte

Today was ANOTHER long driving day on I-80, from wherever we were last night (it's a blur) to the west side of Iowa City.  Specifically Coralville, in a hotel with a WATERSLIDE.  So that's fun!

We did have a field trip today to stop at the Great Platte River Road Archway Museum.  We have stopped there in the past and it's a fun diversion.  We were actually there this morning before it opened at 9, but I talked Jeff into waiting the 20 minutes.  We looked around the grounds while we waited.

The museum is the story of how the settlers used the road to get out West, and how the road evolved into I-80.  It is built over the road, which is cool.  Rebecca also liked their stockade maze, although Jeff and MHZ said it was already too hot at 9:45 am so they didn't go to it.

Archway museum entrance takes you up over the highway.

The view from I-80

Rebecca in the maze.

Rebecca gets the last letter punched on her maze card.

Other than that stop, we just drove 75 miles per hour (with occasional short stops) and got to Coralville for dinner.  Since we're located in a major sprawl area, there was one of each restaurant to choose from.  We picked a Mongolian grill, then crazy watersliding, then Cold Stone Creamery for dessert.

One more push tomorrow and we'll be home!
The view of I-80 from inside the Archway.
Notice that construction?  We saw that a lot today.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I-80 driving

Golden Spike tower so you can see the biggest rail yard in the world.
Not open at 9 pm on Saturday though.

Sorry, I couldn't take any pictures of antelope while driving 80 miles an hour.
So here are some jack rabbits instead.

Caboose near our hotel

Dining car under renovation
Today we had a long driving day - about 511 miles - all on Interstate 80. We did see some pronghorn antelope, but not much else happened on the road. After dinner here in North Platte, I took us on a driving tour of the town to see what we could see.  Mostly it was railroads and signs with Buffalo Bill on them.  There was a serious lack of ice cream shops.

Since we have a boring blog entry, I'll share the story of the awesome coffee cake I made at the campground instead!

Assemble your ingredients: pancake mix, peaches, cinnamon, butter, water.

Heat the Dutch oven on the grill.
Or in a charcoal fire.

Drain the peaches into your mixing bowl, which in this case is a pan.

Add the pancake mix (about 4 cups here), water needed to mix it up and a bunch of cinnamon.
Stir it up.

Put some butter in the pan, then add the jar of peaches.
Other fruit would totally work instead, but the Greens had some peaches.

Pour the batter over the peaches.
Put on the lid and close the grill.

Bake until puffy and brown around the edges.

Scoop it out and eat it!

The Great Salt Lake

Today was a long driving day - up at 5:30 and on the road by 7:30.  We did make one fun stop though...  Salt Lake.  Rebecca and I planned to jump in and float like corks.  However, we didn't realize how shallow it is and how far out we might have to walk to be able to get enough water to float!  So we just waded out, then rinsed off and went to look for wildlife on the rest of Antelope Island.
This was as far under as she could get!

We found some island wildlife, along with some beautiful views.

A view of the lake
We were hoping to see some ANTELOPE on Antelope Island...
But bison will be OK.
After our visit to the lake, we kept trucking along and made it to Little America WY by dinner time.  

Here's some info from their website: Named for Admiral Richard Byrd’s 1929 base camp in Antarctica, Little America has provided a similar haven to travelers since 1934. We pride ourselves on combining all the comforts of home with warm hospitality and high standards of quality.

Plus they have 50 cent ice cream cones.

We had a good dinner, and a swim in the outdoor pool which was about as warm as a bathtub. Now we're ready for bed and another long driving day tomorrow!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Last day with the Lunch Bunch and starting for home

On Wednesday, the Rambachers were leaving to go see more sights in OR and WA, so we had to do some group pictures in the morning.
Connie made three of these bags for vacation, Ann and I each made one.

Here is the WHOLE GROUP!

The same socks in various stages of done-ness.  

Same sweater pattern.  Someone is an over-achiever.

After photos, we headed south a bit to Tillamook to see the cheese factory.  Of course we had grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and ice cream for dessert!  And bought some cheese to snack on on the road.  We also visited Cape Meares State Park to see the lighthouse and the Octopus Tree.  It was pretty foggy while we were there.
Clear blue skies on the way to Tillamook.

I finished my socks on the way to the factory!

Very foggy at Cape Meares.

The Octopus Tree

We made it back to camp pretty late and had lots of leftovers for dinner.  Some of us headed out to the south jetty to see if there was a sunset (no dice) or any ship traffic (there was) on the Columbia.  It was a big surprise to find a baby seal on the bank!

A very fuzzy picture of the baby seal.

 Today we packed up and left Fort Stevens State Park and drove drove drove for the start of our trip east.  Well, we did stop off at Multnomah Falls for a potty break and to take a portrait of the shawl that I just cast on (called Multnomah).  And I bought some beautiful OR fruit for the drive.  Delicious!

Another long drive tomorrow - hoping we won't run into too much smoke.
This box was $10!