Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 11 to Redding CA

We got up this morning and unpacked the WHOLE van so everything could get packed in it again.  That's what happens when you take out all the stuff on the bottom layer while camping.  Things got packed up pretty smoothly though!  It helped that the kids could go to the petting farm, go swimming and generally mess  around together while the adults were cleaning and packing.

We drove part way with our friends, hit an awesome burger joint for lunch (Hula's in Escalon) and then headed up the road to Redding, CA.
Our retro-hip hotel for the night.

A random cool statue on the way!

A bento box dinner for Rebecca.

For dinner, we visited a Japanese place.  Rebecca tried everything in her Bento box, and liked the miso soup, spring roll, tempura veggies, salad and teriyaki chicken.  The pickled ginger was "yuck", the California roll was "too chewy and also spicy".  We warned her off the wasabi.
The sushi rolls were fabulous!

We're heading through Sasquatch territory tomorrow!

Spider roll & Kobe roll

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