Friday, July 6, 2012

Busy Day in the Redwoods

Here's one on a scenic byway

After a great night's sleep, we went to the pancake breakfast this morning at Crescent City KOA.  It's a nice campground if you're ever in this neck of the woods.  Clean, quiet, giant trees...  And we headed out this morning to see more of them.

We went south on 101 to Ladybird Johnson grove at Redwoods National Park.  We already had on jackets, but it was so foggy and misty that we dug extra layers out of the car and added them.  The grove has a 1-mile loop through the redwoods.  Here are some of our favorite sights.

Tall trees in the mist

Rebecca explores a hollow tree

Flowers beside the path

Kids on a log

Moss and ferns

Inside a giant 

After that hike, we went to find a picnic place and stopped by Elk Meadow.  It's well named, because we spotted these:

Elk parade
After lunch, we went on another short hike to find Trillium Falls.  We went through more giant trees, but this time we were the only people on the path.
Jeff and Rebecca are in this photo.

The falls were very pretty, and we also spotted some new wildlife near the stream!

Bridge near the falls

Forest-colored frog

Banana slug!

That's Rebecca's hand with a different slug.
Lots of snails in the woods.

So that was awesome!  There were also some millipede type bugs that Rebecca liked but I didn't take their pictures.  And Marjorie and Jeff shot some video with MHZ as Princess Leia and Rebecca as an Ewok, but I haven't seen it yet.

Next we headed back to camp for pie-iron pizzas and grilled corn for dinner, then back into town to look for seals.
Which we totally found!

This one swam over to see if we would throw him some food.

These are some LAZY seals.

We also walked on some rocks at the end of the pier and looked with the binocs for whales, but no dice on that one.  We did see lots of sea birds, including pelicans.  On the way back,  Jeff noticed some starfish on the rocks of the jetty and I decided we could easily get there.

Don't worry, he put it back down.
The tide seemed to be coming in though, so we didn't stay too long.  We're hoping to find some more tidepools tomorrow on our drive up the coast!

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  1. Beautiful! Breath taking photos. I'd like a copy of the last picture and the picture of the falls to frame and hang in the guest bedroom. It was good to talk to you today! Love Mom