Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 14 to Florence OR

We had a driving day, up the coast from Crescent City to Florence OR.  We didn't make too many stops today, although we did stop at a wool shop in Port Orford!  And at the Crazy Norweigan's for fish & chips lunch.  Once we got to Florence, we checked into the Park Motel. It has the best fire escape instructions posted:
Open door. Walk out.
Then we headed into old town to get some dinner, and ended up at Spice. Very delicious food, although it took us a while to get our food since there was a party of about 12 right before us.  Here are a couple of our entrees.

Pho for Rebecca, but enough for all of us!

Kofta curry for MHZ

Rebecca dips her chicken in the curry.

After that dinner, we strolled around town a bit and ate some ice cream for dessert.  Our next stop was the dunes for sunset.  We slogged over the rows of dunes and were rewarded with this view:


Tomorrow we head further up the coast to meet up with friends - after a stop at Sea Lion Caves!

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