Friday, July 13, 2012

Last day with the Lunch Bunch and starting for home

On Wednesday, the Rambachers were leaving to go see more sights in OR and WA, so we had to do some group pictures in the morning.
Connie made three of these bags for vacation, Ann and I each made one.

Here is the WHOLE GROUP!

The same socks in various stages of done-ness.  

Same sweater pattern.  Someone is an over-achiever.

After photos, we headed south a bit to Tillamook to see the cheese factory.  Of course we had grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and ice cream for dessert!  And bought some cheese to snack on on the road.  We also visited Cape Meares State Park to see the lighthouse and the Octopus Tree.  It was pretty foggy while we were there.
Clear blue skies on the way to Tillamook.

I finished my socks on the way to the factory!

Very foggy at Cape Meares.

The Octopus Tree

We made it back to camp pretty late and had lots of leftovers for dinner.  Some of us headed out to the south jetty to see if there was a sunset (no dice) or any ship traffic (there was) on the Columbia.  It was a big surprise to find a baby seal on the bank!

A very fuzzy picture of the baby seal.

 Today we packed up and left Fort Stevens State Park and drove drove drove for the start of our trip east.  Well, we did stop off at Multnomah Falls for a potty break and to take a portrait of the shawl that I just cast on (called Multnomah).  And I bought some beautiful OR fruit for the drive.  Delicious!

Another long drive tomorrow - hoping we won't run into too much smoke.
This box was $10!

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