Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some more catching up from Fort Stevens

Here's a post from the coffee shop at the KOA to catch up on the last couple of days.  I don't have a ton of time before dinner prep starts so mostly pictures!

First some pictures from Astoria on Sunday.
The group (so far) walking to find the trolley after the market.

The food court at Sunday market.  The rest of the market is maybe 4 or 5 times this.

Rebecca with our trolley guide.

Here comes the trolley!

Next on to Monday:
We made delicious blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  Then we walked (or rode bikes or scooters depending on age) to the beach at the park.  Hedingtons arrived Sunday evening but for some reason they aren't in any of my pics.

Kids dug in the sand and found sand dollars.

Jeff looked at the shipwreck.

I took pictures of birds.

This guy was windsurfing with his huge kite.

Tons of pelicans here!

Grumpy pelican.

wind surfer dude

In the afternoon, we made some lunch, took naps, went shopping.  The Rambachers arrived and we cooked up some dinner with them!

Now on Tuesday:
We got up and got organized for a trip to Cannon Beach.  It took 3 cars by this time - there are 15 of us.  There are great tidepools at Cannon Beach, and also many shops and restaurants.  We also visited the farm market for some dinner supplies.  After lunch and exploration in Cannon Beach, we're all back at camp to cook some dinner.

Tons of anemones in the tidepools here.

A gull above Haystack rock

You might recognize this from "The Goonies"


We saw lots of hermit crabs too.

Phew, all caught up!

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