Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring break!

Woo hoo, here we are on the beach!

Not really.  Here we are visiting colleges in Ohio.  First we went to Kenyon, which was beautiful.  There was lots of art, like these birds on a rooftop.

  Plus the dining hall looked like a scene from Harry Potter.  In fact, one of the college letters that MHZ got from Kenyon featured an owl on the front.

Also it had these awesome windows with classic books pictured.  However, the town that Kenyon is in - Gambier - is TINY.  And it's pretty small.  And expensive.

Someone help me out here.  How do I make these pictures right side up??

Next we went to Otterbein.  It was bigger than Kenyon but still pretty small.  We had a one-on-one tour guide, and a visit with an admission counselor.  Unfortunately we had some rain while we were there so maybe that made us not like it as much.
After an overnight, and some SHOPPING (including a prom dress) we headed out to Miami University.  It was very pretty, and MHZ liked it.  It's a public school, so bigger than the other two we visited so far.  It had a great ice rink and student rec facility.  

Rub the turtles' heads for a good grade on your next exam!