Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 12 - we made it to the ocean!

Today we stopped as we were leaving Redding to check out the Sundial Bridge. It was pretty cool!We walked across it and then back.  It was already pretty hot at 9:00 a.m. so we were surprised to see that people were already staking out their spots for fireworks in a big grassy field.

The bridge deck in made of glass.

We went west out of Redding on CA 199, which went over several mountain ridges on the way to the coast.  We were really looking forward to seeing Willow Creek - Home of Bigfoot.

On the way, we stopped at this beautiful roadside rest area to stretch our legs.

Really cold water though.
When we finally got to Willow Creek, we could tell it was the Bigfoot Capitol.  For example, this is the Ace Hardware:
Fabulous "History of Bigfoot" mural
Did you know that Bigfoot helped the settlers?
Bigfoot with native peoples
Bigfoot and the first settlers
Bigfoot helps chop down trees??

And put up houses?

We also made our way to this place:

The Bigfoot collection room at the museum.

One of the Bigfoot displays.

After picnic lunch in a city park (with an extremely persistent squirrel) we kept heading west over more mountains until we could finally see the ocean! 

Beach at Redwoods National Park

Look, we had to put on sweatshirts!

After some beach exploration, we came to Crescent City for the night.  We got settled into the cabin and got some groceries.  Rebecca rented a recumbent bike, and after a little frustration, figured out how to ride it.

Then we cooked a campfire dinner of hotdogs (spicy brats for the adults) and mac & cheese.
What's in the Dutch oven?

Cinnamon rolls for dessert!

We decided not to go see fireworks, but we can hear them.  It's pretty chilly here - I can see my breath.  I'm heading back to the cozy cabin for some rest before we go see redwoods tomorrow!

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