Saturday, July 14, 2012

I-80 driving

Golden Spike tower so you can see the biggest rail yard in the world.
Not open at 9 pm on Saturday though.

Sorry, I couldn't take any pictures of antelope while driving 80 miles an hour.
So here are some jack rabbits instead.

Caboose near our hotel

Dining car under renovation
Today we had a long driving day - about 511 miles - all on Interstate 80. We did see some pronghorn antelope, but not much else happened on the road. After dinner here in North Platte, I took us on a driving tour of the town to see what we could see.  Mostly it was railroads and signs with Buffalo Bill on them.  There was a serious lack of ice cream shops.

Since we have a boring blog entry, I'll share the story of the awesome coffee cake I made at the campground instead!

Assemble your ingredients: pancake mix, peaches, cinnamon, butter, water.

Heat the Dutch oven on the grill.
Or in a charcoal fire.

Drain the peaches into your mixing bowl, which in this case is a pan.

Add the pancake mix (about 4 cups here), water needed to mix it up and a bunch of cinnamon.
Stir it up.

Put some butter in the pan, then add the jar of peaches.
Other fruit would totally work instead, but the Greens had some peaches.

Pour the batter over the peaches.
Put on the lid and close the grill.

Bake until puffy and brown around the edges.

Scoop it out and eat it!