Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 23 but who's counting?

Sunrise over North Platte

Today was ANOTHER long driving day on I-80, from wherever we were last night (it's a blur) to the west side of Iowa City.  Specifically Coralville, in a hotel with a WATERSLIDE.  So that's fun!

We did have a field trip today to stop at the Great Platte River Road Archway Museum.  We have stopped there in the past and it's a fun diversion.  We were actually there this morning before it opened at 9, but I talked Jeff into waiting the 20 minutes.  We looked around the grounds while we waited.

The museum is the story of how the settlers used the road to get out West, and how the road evolved into I-80.  It is built over the road, which is cool.  Rebecca also liked their stockade maze, although Jeff and MHZ said it was already too hot at 9:45 am so they didn't go to it.

Archway museum entrance takes you up over the highway.

The view from I-80

Rebecca in the maze.

Rebecca gets the last letter punched on her maze card.

Other than that stop, we just drove 75 miles per hour (with occasional short stops) and got to Coralville for dinner.  Since we're located in a major sprawl area, there was one of each restaurant to choose from.  We picked a Mongolian grill, then crazy watersliding, then Cold Stone Creamery for dessert.

One more push tomorrow and we'll be home!
The view of I-80 from inside the Archway.
Notice that construction?  We saw that a lot today.

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