Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 2 and 3: Couldn't Get Any Hotter

We had some internet connection problems last night so here's an early morning post for you!
Sunday we left Effingham and drove forever across I-70 and nothing exciting happened.  The biggest entertainment was watching the thermometer get up to 105 degrees.  We did have a nice hotel waiting for us and everybody went for a swim in the evening.

Sunrise over Effingham
Yesterday we got up and on the road a little earlier.  It was still really hot but I wanted to find a side trip so we could break up the I-70 monotony.  We debated about the biggest ball of sisal twine, or the world's largest hand-dug well, but decided to visit The Garden of Eden in Lucas, KS instead.  It was a great choice!
Rebecca takes a picture of the main gate at Garden of Eden.

The soldier shoots the Indian who shoots someone else.

The Garden of Eden cabin wasn't open when we were there but we could walk around the outside and see all the concrete sculptures.  There was also a sign for the Grassroots Art Gallery, so we drove further into town to see that.  It was ALSO closed (we were there around 9 am) but when we were driving out of town, we saw this place.

Fabulous Bowl Plaza, Lucas, KS
It's the town's public restroom, just opened earlier this month.  What a fabulous space!  Here are a couple of interior shots.
Men's room with robots

Women's room sink
We loved that the sidewalk looks like a roll of toilet paper.  I'll post many more pictures later because some of the details are remarkable.

After Lucas, we got back on the highway and kept driving through temps above 100.  In the afternoon, we stopped at the I-70 diner for a pick-me-up.  Luckily I was driving then because Jeff doesn't always listen when I say "stop there!"

Chocolate cream for MHZ
Cherry a la mode for me

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