Sunday, June 3, 2012

Masterpieces on Main

We had lots of fun this weekend at Main Street Kent's Masterpieces on Main.  It's an art & wine festival that is ACTUALLY on Water Street, not Main Street.  There were lots of vendors and delicious food from Taproot Catering. They're the same guys that do the food at Cajun Dave's and Tree City Coffee.  (Really, if you haven't been to Kent lately, call me.  We have lots of places to visit.)

Anyway, we had a good time looking at the art and tasting the wine and eating the food...  We went twice, with two different sets of friends.  There was a little rain, but not too much.  Plus it wasn't too hot!  We bought a couple of rugs, a bracelet, a baby present, and a box made out of a book for Marjorie.

And here's the best part: both Marjorie and I won raffle baskets!

Mine had FIVE BOTTLES of wine!  Plus some snacks and chocolate.

Marjorie's had these cool things.  She really likes the framed tiles because it has a bass clef.  Although I think that stone candle stand is more of a "gift for your mother" type of item.  Especially considering someone in this house didn't give their mother a gift for Mother's Day...

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