Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 6 to Baker, NV

We had our 7 am wake up call again, so we ate some breakfast, got packed up and headed out again.  We made a slight change to the itinerary so that we could go to a new (for us) National Park: Capitol Reef.
We got off I-70 and went on some Utah state routes to get to the park.  For some reason, it was a great day to spot very old cars and trucks, such as these:
It's a Goliath 1100.  Anyone heard of that?

This could be Mater from Cars!

It was once again very hot - around 100 - but Capitol Reef has a river running through.  It makes it feel much cooler.  Settlers here planted fruit trees and the park service keeps that up so there are green groves every once in a while along the road.
For example, this is where we had lunch.

There were lots of beautiful formations, and we would love to come back and spend more time here.  
Navajo Dome

Capitol Rock

Jeff and Marjorie on a rock outcropping by the river

Capitol Reef also has a restored homestead in the park.  There are fruit orchards where you can pick in season.  At the house, they sell ice cream and baked goods made from things raised in the area.  Of course, we had to get some:
Pumpkin scone & strawberry-rhubarb pie.
We already ate the ice cream.

This lizard just caught and ate a bug.
There were also some horses near the camp ground.
Rebecca and I went to say hello to them.
We also some some deer and lizards today!

Deer at Capitol Reef
After Capitol Reef, we got back on the road heading to Baker, NV.  We went near the Oak City fire and could see smoke from the road.  Once again it was hot and windy in the afternoon.  In spots, sand was blowing across the road.

Smoke from I-70

More smoke
 However, we turned away from the fire and made it safely to Baker, NV and the SilverJack Inn and LectroLux cafe.  I had purchased the "It's the Economy Stupid" special, which included our room and dinner and breakfast.  It's a great place, very laid back and relaxed.  We enjoyed sitting in the courtyard last night after dinner, and we appreciate the fast Internet too!  After breakfast this morning (French toast, oatmeal and bacon) we are heading to Lee Vining, CA.  See you there!

We sat on the yellow benches to check email last night.

Our room is off this courtyard.

There are a million swallows here. Rebecca really liked the nest over the door of the Cafe.
But one pooped on me!

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  1. Have you found Schoolhouse Rock? What about Fraggle Rock?