Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 7 to Lee Vining, CA

We left Baker, NV after a good breakfast at the LectroLux cafe and heading across Nevada on US 6.  It was not an exciting drive.  For example, we were excited to see this:
Lonely rest stop. That's our road in the background.
Although it turned out that some other people came in and we shared a picnic table with them and talked about national parks.
It seemed like our drive today took forever!  And it was supposed to be shorter!  We had a 15 minute break waiting for the pilot car to come through a construction area, although when we went through, there didn't seem to be any actual construction.
Follow me through this nice smooth pavement.

Anyway, we FINALLY arrived at Lee Vining, CA and were treated to beautiful views of Mono Lake.  
This was taken from the gas station!

Speaking of gas stations, we went to one for dinner.  Really.  It was awesome!  I don't remember where I heard about the Whoa Nelly Deli but the food there is great.
Jeff picks up our food at the counter.

Besides their regular menu, there was an elk special and a boar chops special.  Tempting.
The fish tacos won.  The mango salsa was especially tasty.

After dinner, we went for a walk around Mono Lake.  We thought we might go for a swim, but then we found out it's salty and alkaline.  When you put a hand in, the water feels slippery and soapy.  It was very strange.  The lake has lots of these rock formations, called tufa.  They're formed when fresh water springs bubble up through the salty lake.  The lake water has receded quite a bit, which exposed many of the tufa.

This one looks like a bear cub climbing a tree.

The lake is also brimming with alkali flies and brine shrimp.  It's Sea Monkey heaven!  

Birds love eating sea monkeys.

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