Friday, June 29, 2012

An evening hike

Here's a continuation of our day in Moab:

Turrett Arch
After dinner, we went back to Arches National Park because we wanted to check out the windows area.

There is an easy hike that takes you all the way around the North and South Window formation.  When you get behind them, you can see both together.

First we went to North Window.

Shadow me in the foreground, everyone else in the arch.
It was pretty nice for hiking - still hot but not TOO hot.  The path on this side was flat and wide.  We got up in the arch to climb on rocks and check out the view on the other side.

Next we went to see South Window.

After this, the path got a little more rugged!  It went across rock and was marked with cairns.  There were some places to scramble over rocks, which Rebecca enjoyed.  There was hardly anyone on the trail since it was marked Primitive.  Since it was getting toward sunset, the light on the rocks was beautiful.
Sunset light

View from the Windows.

The Spectacles

On the trail, we could get around the back of the Windows and see them both together.  We thought the bush in the middle could be the nose.

The path wound through some scrubby desert back to our car.  I had a hard time keeping up because I kept stopping to take pictures!

Rebecca was getting pretty sleepy, so we got in the van to head back to the cabin.  On the way, we stopped a few times to take sunset pictures.

End of the hike

LaSal Mountains sunset

Sunset at Sheep Rock

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