Monday, August 20, 2012

Our last day in London!

Roses at St. Paul's
View of Millennium Bridge from St. Paul's
We wanted a little shorter day today so we could get things packed up at the flat.  Our only visit was St. Paul's Cathedral. It was great, very beautiful.  Princess Diana was married there.  We walked the steps up to the Stone Gallery so we could see out over the city.

Garden near St Paul's

Wemock near St. Paul's

View from St. Paul's
On the way back to the Underground, we stopped by Bea's of Bloomsbury for a treat.  We also saw Jamie Oliver's restaurant and butcher shop.

Treats at Bea's of Bloomsbury
After we did some packing, we headed out to a great local pub, the Duke's Head, for our last dinner in the UK.  We had great pub food - fish & chips, beef & onion pie and a burger.

Beef & onion pie.
Marjorie's pie included veg of the day - according to the bartender, a mix of cauliflower, swede and cabbage.  We asked him what swede was, but he didn't know - he said he's not British.  Then the other bartender also didn't know.  So we asked some locals, and they decided it's kind of like a turnip. (Wikipedia says it's a rutabaga) We enjoyed chatting with them for a bit about our trip, and they said we've fit in quite a bit!  I totally agree.  It's been a great trip!


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