Friday, August 17, 2012

The White Tower at the Tower of London
Today we went to the Tower of London.  It was SO crowded!  But we had lots of fun exploring the various buildings and seeing the crown jewels.  We also saw lots of armor and weapons.  MHZ especially liked the garderobes in the White Tower - the toilets.

Windows in one of the chapels

Graffiti done by a prisoner held in the Tower.

Gargoyle on the tower

There used to be a menagerie at the Tower.  Now there are these nifty chicken wire animal sculptures instead.

After the Tower, we headed out to see some of the sights especially requested by Marjorie:
221B Baker St and Abbey Road

 The rooms in the museum are done in Victorian-era decor and you can explore all through them. On the top floor, there were also some VERY creepy manikins of various Sherlock Holmes scenarios.

 Our next destination was Abbey Road to see the famous crossing and add some graffiti to the wall.  It was kind of a long walk...
My mom has pictures of us crossing the road, so I can't post them here now.  We did NOT stop and pose because it's a real road and people seemed busy!
We had some tasty curry for dinner and then went to bed after another long day.

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  1. Isaac's favorite at the tower of London was the king's toilet. Nothing fancy, just a hole in some boards high up in one the towers. Did your guide also make lots of disparaging remarks about France?