Saturday, August 18, 2012

A visit to Cambridge

in Anne's back garden

On Friday, we went to visit my friend Anne in Cambridge. We graduated from high school together.  To get there we had to catch a train at Kings Cross station, so of course, we had to stop at Platform 9 3/4.
It was a very fast train, but it took us about 45 minutes to get to Cambridge.  Anne used to make the commute into London every day for work.

In Cambridge, we walked around the town, and had lunch at a great pub.  We were intrigued to find out that MHZ could have a drink since she was having a meal with her family.  Anne suggested a shandy, which is beer and lemonade, but MHZ passed on that!

College entrance

Another college entrance gate

Plane trees on Jesus Green

We also went punting on the River Cam.  We had someone do the hard work for us so we could sit back and relax!  It was pretty hot in Cambridge, and hot weather is expected through the weekend.  Along the river, we saw more of the colleges and bridges.

Kings College Chapel

There were a ton of boats on the river.  Good thing we had a professional guide!

Back on land after our boat ride, we did some shopping and went to Kings College Chapel ... which closed 15 minutes before we got there.  Places seem to close so early here!  The last entrance to the chapel was 4:30 pm.  We were disappointed that we didn't get to visit it.

Back at Anne's we had tea and cake and made some sandwiches for the journey home. (It took about 2 hours total since we're on the south side of London.) Another very long day!

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