Thursday, August 16, 2012

Busy Day 2 in London

We had another busy day in London - although we also slept in.  We got to Westminster Abbey around 11:30.  You can't take photos inside, but here are some from the grounds.

From the cloisters

Parliament from the gardens at Westminster Abbey

After we toured Westminster Abbey, we ate lunch in their Cellars.  Then we went to the Tower of London.  However, it closes at 5:30 and we were there at 4 pm.  We decided to walk across Tower Bridge and along the river.

Walking across Tower Bridge

Tower of London - we'll tour it another day!

We liked this skinny street.
Couches and chairs at the concert.

The Bollywood Brass Band was awesome!

Our couch at the concert
Along the way, we saw the Globe Theater, some nifty public art, the Tate Modern (which we'll go back to another day).  We stopped to hear the Bollywood Brass Band play a couple of songs.

Eventually we found the book maze and had sushi for dinner.  Finally made it back to the flat around 10 pm!

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