Sunday, August 19, 2012

Art Museums! And toys!

Today we headed into London after a couple of errands out in Wellington. Our first stop was the British Museum where there are many many many famous things such as the Rosetta Stone and marble friezes from the Parthenon and ancient chessmen and Ming vases and mummies and treasures from Sutton Hoo and that Japanese painting of the blue wave crashing over, which we did not actually go see because the place is huge and you had to make an appointment to see it in person.  Also they have this:

Indiana Jones brought this to the British Museum.
Although Daniel Jackson's grandfather discovered it first.
MHZ with the Dr Who aisle
Then we were tired of famous old things, so we had some refreshments and went shopping instead. Forbidden Planet is a superstore for all things sci-fi geek related.  You name a series of books or TV or a movie and they have the merch.  Shirts, lego, posters, flags, handbags, costumes, etc.  And downstairs they have comics, DVDs, books, etc.  I did not buy Knits for Nerds and I didn't let MHZ buy all the Doctor Who stuff, or let Jeff buy all the Star Wars stuff.  We kept our bill under control pretty well.

Next we headed to Borough Market, a giant covered food market.  It was also amazing.  We didn't buy much, just some snacks to eat.
This area was mostly meat.

Market Map

Green Market, I think.

Next we went to the Tate Modern.  It's in an old power plant, very cool space.

Tate plaza and Millennium Bridge from the Tate

Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern

After dinner at a pub by the Globe Theater and a walk across the Millennium Bridge, we were ready for some sleep!

Guess who ate which dinner

Walking across the Millennium Bridge

The Swan on the left, Globe Theater on the right.
We ate at the Swan.

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