Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Our first day in Grand Lake

We had already gone to the visitor center and gotten our parks pass, so we were ready to go on a hike.  We wanted to start pretty early so that we would be done before it rained.  It seemed to rain every afternoon!

We decided on a hike to the Big Meadows area.  It went through some pretty scenery, such as some open pastures, rock formations, lodgepole pines and next to a trout stream.  We saw a moose on the way in but I didn't get a great picture of it. We also saw marmots and many wildflowers. The fence picture at the top is from this hike.

 Eventually, we ended up in Big Meadow.  It was so beautiful!

Some guys were fly-fishing in the stream in the meadow.

This was a pretty long hike for us, around 7.5 miles. On the way home, we saw another moose, right near the road.

You are not supposed to do this with a moose.

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