Sunday, July 26, 2015

7-22 Lakes hike

Moraine Park and Long's Peak
Today we decided to hike to see some lakes.  At first we said we wouldn't take a long hike today, but it turned about that we hiked about 5 miles.  First we stopped at the Moraine Park visitor center to get some maps.

Bierstadt Lake

We had a gorgeous day to hike to Bierstadt Lake, and great views of Long's Peak.  While we were there, some clouds started to gather though!  We had some sprinkles on the way out.  Our path in was through the woods, but the way out was much steeper.

Not "Stay on the trail or you'll fall to your death"

View from the trail

Thistles in the mist?
See the road at the bottom? This trail had lots of switchbacks to get down there.  Next we took the shuttle bus to the end of the road to hike to Nymph Lake. This area of the park is super-crowded.

Bear Lake is very close to the parking lot.  It was hard to get a picture without other tourists!

Nymph Lake was a little more secluded. 

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